Remembering Peter

Peter Harvey of Hartford, CT and Bucksport, ME

Those who have been privileged to know him or have ever attended his performances will understand why this was my first published effort.

Remembering Peter documents, in text and pictures, the life and fifty year musical career of my brother, Peter Harvey, who from the age of five was an extraordinary entertainer and who went on to become a professor of music, a composer and conductor and who toured the country with his one man shows, sharing his rich tenor voice and often irreverent humor.

He was considered “The Gem” of Hartford’s musical life until his untimely death in 2005 at the age of 59. From Peter’s appearances at age five on Maine stages, through his winning talent show successes, to his audition for Ted Mack in New York City at age seven, the book highlights his early years including his own television show during high school; moves through his early college education in voice and piano and into his post college training as his voice rises to the rich tenor quality he was destined to achieve.

Through it all, readers will see that he never forgot his religious and small town background and never tired of using his quick wit and spontaneous humor. Pictures and articles embrace all of what made Peter Harvey a great entertainer and outstanding human being.

Read an excerpt.