About Jane

Jane Harvey Meade was born in Belfast, Maine at a hospital about eighteen miles from the smaller town where she was raised. It has taken her 71 years to finally begin to publish her stories, songs and poetry, but early on she knew she was a writer. She loved her English classes and while in high school had her own column in the local paper. The column was called Teen Talk and reported events in the teenage community.

Life led her into teaching, however. (In 1958, her high school English teacher whom she greatly respected, told her that a career in journalism which she aspired to was not an occupation for a decent young lady.) So she spent thirty-eight years in public schools in first the state of Maine, then the states of New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is grateful that she did. She has loved teaching, and some of her experiences in education are mirrored in a couple of her future books.

After retirement, her husband and she journeyed back to Maine, to her hometown, to the very house where she grew up which is owned by her daughter, Lisa, and Lisa’s husband, Keith, and which has been remodeled and enlarged to accommodate the two families.

She never stopped writing during her life and after retiring from teaching in 2000, she began gathering and reviewing all that she had created.

But Jane is innately a positive person and many of her writings contain uplifting tones. Summer of the Disco King, while a mystery, is layered with comedic moments and Glimpses, her spiritual offering is a positive endeavor.

Now in her 70’s, Jane Harvey Meade must make up for lost time in the writing department which is why she presented three books at the beginning of her writing career.