2012 New England Book Festival, Honorable Mention

I often wonder how many families have had unexplained events surrounding a loved one’s passing and never shared the experiences with others, not even family members.  I wonder, too, if others have experienced the electric surprise of a prayer swiftly answered and never divulged the experience with anyone else.  How many of us are too skeptical to even consider, seriously, such experiences or for whatever reason, unwilling or unable to do so?

Throughout my life, I have been blessed, from time to time with what I would call unusual occurrences that I feel compelled, at my advancing age, to document. They have been a source of strength for me, and it is my hope that they will give comfort to those who read about them. It is also my hope that many of you will begin to reflect upon extraordinary events in your own lives and begin to keep your own written records. And for those of you who have not (or think you have not) experienced any extraordinary moments in your lives, I urge you to begin to watch for them. Watch closely. It is my hunch that many events are chalked up to coincidence, absentmindedness, flukes, figments of one’s imagination, wishful thinking, or simply shrugged off as inexplicable and therefore to be disregarded lest the teller of such tales be judged eccentric or a poor, foolish creature.

I take that risk now.

This is a spiritual journey through my 71 years and the extraordinary things that have shaped my conviction that we are never alone; that we are always lovingly guided.

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