The disappearance of an eighteen-year-old girl during her high school graduation night celebration can change a town. Lanie Warren returns to Narrownook twenty-five years later and finds the coastal Maine town she grew up in is no longer the close-knit community of her youth. Narrownook will change again after her arrival. Is Lanie the catalyst that dislodges the truth about her friend’s fate? Meade’s third fictional mystery will be painfully unraveled amid a sprinkling of true historical glimpses of Down East Maine. 

     Thanks to the Maine Authors Publishing and Cooperative of Thomaston, Maine, I am pleased to be finally published and able to offer books that have been developing throughout my lifetime.

     Writing is a wonderful gift and privilege. It is also a responsibility.

     I am striving to entertain as in The Summer of the Disco King and to enlighten as in Glimpses and Piper’s Song.

     I hope you, the readers, will let me know when I have succeeded in these attempts and conversely, when I have fallen short.